W10 classes

Su’s absence for the conference presentation

11/2 : Screening or Paper (choose one) – 750 to 1000 word response paper by 11/29 11:59pm sunday

  • Films

Indie game : The movie (Available at Neflix, Amazon.. and more!)

Terms and Conditions May Apply (One more option added, Available at Netflix) : Are we using Google, Facebook for free? How much is your information?

Everything is a Remix (Four videos +) – This TED talk will give you the general idea.  

Clouds Documentary : http://jamesgeorge.org/CLOUDS – Try with Oculus Rift!

  • Paper

Language of New Media : The Interface

Woody Vasulka

11/4 : Studio day 

  • Design 1) Intro page 2) About page ( as a self-portrait) 3) Assignment page (link to each assignment) 4)Optional page (such as contact,event… or more!)
  • Using one or more EXTERNAL CSS – sample html docs & review
  • Key html elements :

<link >: file link to CSS / <script> : file link to JS or write JS in html / <a> : hyperlink  / <div> : define a division in html / <h1><p> / <img>


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