This course is an introduction to computer-based media production in the context of contemporary internet tools and techniques. The course covers image and sound editing & manipulation, web development, and interactive design. Crucial to this project is the concurrent development of a critical perspective on mainstream media culture. Viewing/Interacting with contemporary web-based art projects, interventionist art & Hacktivism, and readings in media theory will critically address the relations between viewers, producers, and media. Lab fee: $125.


Attendance is mandatory. If you miss more than 4 classes, your grade will be dropped a full letter grade. More than 5 missed classes will result in an F.

Students are expected arrive for class on time at 9:00am. Punctuality is also expected. For the purposes of grading, three tardies (arriving after 9:10) will equal one unexcused absence. Please contact the instructor in advance if you are missing a class for an excused absence (an excused absence will be counted as one tardiness). All excused absences must be documented in writing and received preferably before the start of class.

#Note: Absence during a critique on a day when a student is to present a project will result in a zero for that project. See the instructor for extreme circumstances (i.e. documented serious medical issues, death, or involuntary incarceration through no fault of the student) or if you know in advance you will not be present.


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