An assignment will be given on Wednesday, and the due date will be the following Wednesday. 

W1 : Create your wordpress website & email the link

W2 :   Create your own ‘hands up’ situation inspired by Hands up visual essay; link to the Golan Levin’s visual essay / link to examples in pbs video

note : both assignments should be posted in your WordPress blog

If you are not sure about the uploading process and creating account, we will go over it together on Monday! 

W3: ONE Critical Digital Image with 50-100 words description – critique or evaluate one of current technology (such as Virtual Reality, Network) or media (Mobile device, Video Game, TV, Radio, Internet, Screen, 3D Graphics…..and much more!) by using freely photoshop tools and filters.

See an example : On Synchronics: Song of the Avatars, A collaborative artwork created by Claudia

W4 : Blending images enables us to create an unrealistic/surreal images! Create an improbable environment inspired by a film1, film2, novel, project or painting!

W5 : Photoshop tennis final material 1) upload on your blog as .jpg, 2) send both .psd and .jpg to (due 10/1)

W6 : Midterm project – description (100word) and jpg/psd/gif image by 10/10 11:59 pm.

Create sequence images ( at least five images – not animation with same sources) as GIF or HTML – hyperlink

The subject can be anything related not only to digital, media and images but also to other subjects with creative narratives.

W8 : Splash Image uploaded your UB website

w9 – 10 : Screening, Response paper, Design your website 

W12 : Final project proposal (email to

Conneely, Brianne
Crossman, Jeremy Andrew
Gardner, Nicole Marie
Im,Dong Ha
Johnson,Kaitlyn Mary
Komin, Christopher Paul
Kostrzycki, Cory Jeffery
Latella, Philip
Lavallo, Martina Leigh
Mayer, Philip John
Miller, Mason Aaron
Porterfield, Matthew John
Potter Jr, Russell Douglas
Rowe Jr, David Alan
Salisbury III, William E
Schihl III, James Jerome
Yannantuono, Danny Y